Why Ecologists Ireland?

Qualified & Experienced

Experience within diverse business sectors including, renewable energy, construction, infrastructure, water, transport, and industrial.


Our work is guided by Good Practice Guidelines of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Cost Effective

We offer competitive rates to ensure best market value and client satisfaction for our specialist services.

Discrete & Impartial

The protection of sensitive client information in connection with our services is paramount and confidentiality assured.

Indemnity & Liability Insured

Our terms of engagement ensure that services are performed with the skill and care expected of prudent and competent counsel.

Fully Integrated Service

Integration of ecology within environmental impact assessment and the planning process results in projects that perform better environmentally

Our Approach



Our work begins with a desktop study to identify any potential issues and constraints to development. We liaise with the statutory body and devise a programme of surveys required to ensure compliance to survey guidelines and to inform the impact assessment. Since most delays in development projects are commonly caused by environmental issues, it is important that initial scoping is done as soon as possible.

Survey & Assessment

Surveys are carried out at optimal times of the year. We have the technical expertise to survey for the majority of protected species. Clients are kept informed of progress regularly and any issues which arise are communicated as quickly as possible. Survey results are analysed and impact assessments are carried out.


Constraints & Mitigation

We identify the constraints and advise on the conservation and legislative issues. When unavoidable impacts are identified and alternatives are not possible, we work with the client to reduce impacts to non-significant levels by utilising less damaging designs and working methods. We also discuss with the client any compensations or enhancements that could provide a net benefit to wildlife through development.

Technical Reporting & Submission

Reports set out the results of the assessment in relation to ecological issues, usually as a chapter in an Environmental Statement, but also may be specific independant reports, or sections of larger documents. All of our work is high quality and although rarely called on to do so, we are fully prepared to defend or deliverable work, and act as expert witness at public inquiry if necessary.